2020-08-29 • Saturday Matinée

Quibi Corner! Quibi goes drive-in for ‘The Stranger’ in Los Angeles. Plus, Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson are all in for a Quibi Cartoon! ‘The New Mutants’ is both the set-up and punchline as Disney forces reviewers to see it in theaters, and the reviewers strike back. John Belushi biopic teases Adam Pally in title role. The Colors of Motion shows dominant colors of film as art prints. Plus a three great trailers and a list of films showcasing saturated (as in color) production design!

Saturated Production Design!

Ray’s List

  1. The Grand Budapest Hotel
  2. Vertigo
  3. Batman and Robin

Tommy’s List

  1. Run Lola Run
  2. Pleasantville
  3. The Sixth Sense

Pete’s List

  1. In The Mood For Love
  2. Moulin Rouge!
  3. The Shape of Water