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2022-03-12 - Saturday Matinée Lobby Card

2022-03-12 • Saturday Matinée

Tommy Metz III, self-described king of diminishing returns, hosts Ocean Murff and Krissy Lenz in building your weekend watchlist, a game of Happy Endings, and a list that will help you find your best place to work 2022!

Krissy makes up ‘Father Brown’ and gets a hard lock on the cozy British mystery. Ocean finds work/life separation with ‘Severance’ on Apple TV+.

Theaters are introducing variable pricing and … no one seems to care?


The crew is handed a real job hunt this week: movies that define your favorite place to work!

Tommy’s List

  1. Escape Room
  2. John Wick
  3. The Game

Ocean’s List

  1. Wall Street
  2. Point Break
  3. Any Given Sunday

Krissy’s List

  1. The Cabin in the Woods
  2. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  3. U.H.F.
  • (00:00) – 2022-03-12 • Saturday Matinée
  • (02:12) – On the Watchlist
  • (16:56) – Trailers!
  • (31:50) – Games! Happy Endings
  • (43:24) – Support the show • Become a Member!
  • (44:20) – The Rob Kubasko Memorial List Challenge! Best Companies to Work For
  • (01:00:14) – Coming Attractions

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