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Rantaroonie • Chew on This!

In this episode of “The Scalpel of Truth,” host Leisa Krauss serves up a spicy critique of a seemingly innocuous practice: eating at the front desk of medical spas. With her trademark candor, Krauss dissects why this common habit might be more than just a faux pas:

  • How a quick bite could bite into your business’s bottom line
  • The unexpected ways food can compromise patient confidentiality
  • Why that Starbucks cup might be sabotaging your brand image

Krauss challenges industry professionals to reconsider their workplace dining habits, arguing that the path to a truly luxurious patient experience might start with where staff choose to eat their lunch. But is this focus on front desk etiquette a recipe for a better business, or just food for thought?

Join Leisa as she explores the intersection of professionalism, patient care, and the power of first impressions in the competitive world of medical aesthetics.

Tired of the same old nonsense in the aesthetics industry? Craving unfiltered insights to take your practice to the next level? Look no further than The Scalpel of Truth Podcast, hosted by Leisa Krauss, The Bitch’n Beautician.
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