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Membership Magic: Turning Patients into Loyal Members

This week on the show, Leisa takes aim at the lifeblood of any successful med spa: recurring revenue. She argues that a well-crafted membership program is the key to financial stability and patient loyalty.

But we’re not talking about your average loyalty program. You’re a bougie, high-end med spa and you need a membership experience that will have patients clamoring to sign up. The secret sauce? Enticing perks, exclusive access, and a team that’s financially incentivized to sell memberships like their lives depend on it.

Lisa’s got the receipts to back it up. Clinics with memberships can see patient spending increase by a jaw-dropping 40–44% annually. And when it comes time to sell, a membership program can send your valuation skyrocketing.

But don’t just take our word for it. Lisa’s got a whole guide on how to do all the things she’s talking about and you can get your hands on it RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE! Want more good news? You can save 15% on your entire purchase with code BITCHN15 at checkout.

And if you’re still feeling lost, she’s got the consulting chops to whip your membership program into shape. Get started today!

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