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The Future of Findability in the Legal Industry

The legal industry in under considerable pressure to change. Over the last 15 years, we’ve seen a massive wave of mergers and acquisitions and consolidation, along with pressures that come with Alternative Fee Arrangements. This in the face of a six year run of essentially flat demand for legal services according to Georgetown University’s 2016 Report on the State of the Legal Market. Productivity is decreasing in every category of timekeepers except associate. 

It is with this backdrop that Jeff Fried shares his perspective on the future of findability in the legal industry and the changes that these associated pressures are putting on large firms to take on through technology. The next wave of development in the field will come thanks to increased investment in R&D, and counting on the machines to take on a heavier load comes with its own set of concerns. Jeff sets the stage for change in our conversation this week. 

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