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Desperately Seeking Soulmand

Welcome to another steamy episode of Mandcave starring your two favorite twin flame pals, Mandy and Mandy! This week the Mandys dive into the tantalizing world of cults like they’re diving into a hot tub full of soulmates. Hold onto your singing bowls, listeners; things are about to get spicy.

Mandy is shocked — shocked, I tell you — to learn that Mandy still owns her unsent psychotic stalker letters to her college ex-boyfriend. But that does make for a nice segue into today’s show. The Mandys take us on a wild ride through the outrageous documentary “Desperately Seeking Soulmates.” Jeff and Shaleia Divine are the cult leader equivalents of Ross and Rachel, if Ross was a deranged narcissist and Rachel pathological enabler.

The Mandys are dying to see Jeff and Shaleia’s actual classes. Maybe Mandy will get Mandy a class for Christmas! Nothing says holiday spirit like joining a cult. Mandy coins the perfect title for Mandy’s autobiographies. Plural. There will be several.

In the new segment “Cult or Not,” Mandy quizzes Mandy on real and fake cults. They all sound plausible when you’re talking about the Mandys’ wild Friday nights. Let’s all join the Universal Medicine cult together! According to Mandy, whatever happens happens, especially when it comes to breast massages. She’s a healer, after all.

The Mandcave is clearly the cult for us. Come for the disagreements, stay for the sashes and robes at the mountain retreat.

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