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Mandler Swift: The Eras Tour

So, the Mandy’s saw the Taylor Swift movie. I’m sitting here writing these notes, and I have not seen the Taylor Swift movie. In fact, until I was sitting down to edit this podcast, I hadn’t even watched the trailer for this movie. And I’m kind of a movie guy.

Listen… It’s not that I don’t like Taylor. Who doesn’t like Taylor, for God’s sake? But another concert film? Prince had the final word on concert films with Sign o’ the Times, amIright? Do I look like a guy who saw Glee: The 3D Concert Movie? Don’t answer that.

So, here we find ourselves, dear reader, saddled with the responsibility of listening to the Mandy’s gush about a film that has come out within weeks of TayTay becoming a billionaire. Wonder how that old manager of hers is feeling now? Whatever. Old news. We’re all Taylor’s Version people now.

I guess I spoiled it. Yeah, the Mandys liked the movie. I’ll spoil it again: THEY ARE ALREADY PLANNING ON SEEING IT AGAIN TOGETHER. So let’s just call these show notes a review of the Mandys review of Eras. It’s funny! And charming. These two white ladies really know how to celebrate their emo-pop. And, for someone who hasn’t seen the movie, I’ll go ahead and put it out there: I thought the podcast nailed Taylor’s vibe. I give it four mandjobs.

Here’s an interesting test… do you think the Mandys will even read these show notes? Stay Tuned, dear reader!

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