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Positive & Negative Affect Tolerance with Dr. Dodge Rea

This week, Dr. Dodge Rea rejoins us to explore the concept of Positive Affect Tolerance—the upper limit of how good we allow ourselves to feel before self-sabotage kicks in. Drawing from his integrative approach blending traditional psychology with ancient wisdom, Dr. Rea illuminates how this little-known phenomenon may be impacting those with ADHD far more than we realize.

The conversation delves into the complex interplay between our psychological baggage and neurological wiring. Dr. Rea shares insights on how deep-seated shame often associated with ADHD can fuel a subconscious drive to undermine our own well-being, manifesting in behaviors like perpetual overcommitment and resistance to much-needed downtime.

The episode sheds light on how gently expanding our capacity for positivity may be key to breaking cycles of burnout and reclaiming control over our schedules and lives. Dr. Rea reveals practical strategies, grounded in cutting-edge research and clinical expertise, to help listeners start strengthening this crucial “tolerance muscle.”

Such are the invisible forces shaping our daily experience and this week we look for a path to embracing the joy and ease we truly deserve. 

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