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The Cannonball Runs • A What’s That Smell Anxiety Special

Tommy Metz III is a filmmaker and storyteller in Los Angeles, CA. He directed the feature film ‘30 Nights’, and his latest short ‘Static’ is going to be playing in festivals starting next month. He’s also an anxiety-riddled mess and co-host of What’s That Smell? A Sometimes-Funny Podcast about Humans and Their Anxieties. He’s here because he was dragged to be here in an effort to follow up on the last time he was here in May 2019.

Our purpose today? We’ve talked about emotional storms in the past, credited to James Ochoa. To start us off this week: what do you do when the anxiety storm hits, the cannonball of fear in your stomach? What causes it, connects those experiences, and how do you get to the other side of it?

Along the way, we talk about our “favorite” anxieties that have come up on the WTS podcast. We talk about the contagion that is anxiety and how easy it is to personalize others’ anxieties and make them our own. Finally, we share a segment from episode one of the seventh season of What’s That Smell at the very end of this week’s show!

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