Afterthoughts • Nikki Kinzer — Member Episode

This week, Pete and Dodge continue the ADHD exploration with only a bit of Thanksgiving distraction.

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Hi everybody,

This week we’re talking a bit about Thanksgiving — for those who celebrate it — and that serves as an ironic distraction giving our primary subject matter this week. We get to the ADHD stuff, however, so stick around!

We talk about the paradoxical nature of changing yourself around that which we cannot change, some controversial voices in the field of ADHD, working with a coach versus a therapist, and the gift of recognizing your gifts.

Cheers to all of you. We couldn’t do this show without you. Well… we could, but it would be horrendously boring. You make it better, brighter, and more fulfilling than we could have imagined. We’re so grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you.

— Pete

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Change is a given of life, perhaps even the point of it. And now more than ever, it’s everywhere we look. But how well do we understand it? Psychologist Dr. Dodge Rea and guests explore the mysterious, paradoxical nature of successful change.