Nikki Kinzer and The ADHD Paradox

ADHD coach Nikki Kinzer joins Dodge to talk about the complexities and challenges of ADHD, and the joys that come with helping others find the systems they use to live with it. This is the paradox of ADHD: learning to adapt around that which we cannot change.

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Hey everybody…

Do you remember that old Seinfeld episode? World’s Collide? George is dating Susan, and Elaine needs a new friend, so Jerry recommends that Elaine call Susan, and thus, according to Kramer and George, worlds collide.

That’s pretty much today on the show—first, a little background.

In addition to The Change Paradox, which I adore, I’ve served as co-host of Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast with Nikki Kinzer for about ten years. Nikki’s an ADHD coach and we’ve been through a bunch together over the years. Oh… and I have ADHD.

ADHD is a funny thing. For those of us who’ve lived with a diagnosis for a while, especially if diagnosed as adults, it answers many questions about our lives. It certainly did for me. But ADHD is one of those conditions that is never really fixed. It’s not cured. Your ability to navigate the world with ADHD successfully is determined by the degree to which you are able to change your behavior to accommodate it. That’s hard to swallow.

I connected Dodge and Nikki because the three of us, in some combination, have all had this conversation at one point or another. And now, I’m here, introducing two of my favorite people, talking about a subject that is incredibly important to me, and I’m not supposed to speak. Who makes these rules?

Anyhow, you can probably guess that I’m a big fan of Nikki. I love working with her, and I love the work she does to support others just as much. You can find out more about her, her coaching for adults and college students, and her groups at As for the podcast, you can find all the links to subscribe right here if you’re interested in checking that out.

Thanks to Nikki for taking the time to sit down with Dodge. And thanks to you all for your commitment to the work.

— Pete

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