Victoria Castle and the Trance of Scarcity

Hey everybody… it’s Pete…

As I write this, Victoria Castle and I just jumped off of a quick FaceTime call to talk about a new project. I say that with the full intention of practicing what it will sound like when I drop her name in conversation with friends in the future. Did it sound OK? Just … you know, casually telling you that Victoria Castle and I FaceTime?

Dodge introduced me to her book, The Trance of Scarcity, a few years after she’d written it. Must have been 2010 or thereabouts. It’s not an undersell when I tell you it transformed the way I think about myself. It’s a book that drills deeply into the heart of our inner imposter and churns there. It skewers your limiting beliefs and negative self identity in a way that’s both real and gentle at the same time.

That she agreed to be on this show, to me as a fan, seems like she’s the victim of a prank, some ruse, a hornswoggle. What’s more, she stuck around to talk to us for an entire two episodes.

The first is dedicated to The Trance of Scarcity, that numbed state we find ourselves in when we’re convinced that lack, struggle, and separation represents our ultimate fate. Part two, coming next week, is dedicated to the Cycle of Abundance; a salve to scarcity that reminds us what can be when we adjust our mindset accordingly.

You can find her book where books are sold, link to the Amazon page in the notes. But please, support your local booksellers if you’re able.

While we’re at it, we’ve got in the works around the Trance and, while they’re not quite ready yet, if you’d like to hear more about what’s coming up from Victoria and Dodge in whatever form it may take, please visit and leave your name. I promise, we won’t sell your information, but we will let you know as soon as we have something new out there in the world you might be interested in.

Thanks for sticking with us. This show is a continued honor to produce and deliver to you. We hope you enjoy this conversation with Victoria Castle and Dodge Rea.

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