The Cycle of Abundance with Victoria Castle

Hey everybody… it’s Pete…

I just finished editing this week’s conversation and I have to tell you it hit me where it hurts… you know, that place in the solar plexus that goes hollow when someone outs you effectively as having been lying to yourself? Yeah. That place.

This week, Dodge and Victoria Castle are continuing their conversation on her book, The Trance of Scarcity, with a special focus on the Cycle of Abundance, building a routine of breaking out of the trance and focusing instead on myriad possibility around us.

I tend to be wired a bit more conservatively when it comes to these kinds of conversations so it’s easy for me to take the critic’s perspective and start poking around at them. What this show has demonstrated time and again is that this poking behavior is usually rooted in fear and — to take Victoria’s word — arrogance.

But that veil of fear and arrogance breaks down when confronted with a few things they discuss this week. You should be on the lookout if you’re wired like me: generosity costs you nothing. You don’t have to tithe to be generous. Sometimes, an act of generosity is a simple wish of goodwill toward others offered when they least expect it, and that might be enough to spark a practice of grace in yourself.

Once more, you can find her book where books are sold, link to the Amazon page in the notes. But please, support your local booksellers if you’re able.

And, if you haven’t done it yet, there are things in the works around the Trance and, while they’re not quite ready yet, if you’d like to hear more about what’s coming up from Victoria and Dodge in whatever form it may take, please visit and leave your name. I promise, we won’t sell your information, but we will let you know as soon as we have something new out there in the world you might be interested in.

Thanks for coming back for part two. Our usual Afterthoughts episode is coming next week. We hope you enjoy this continued conversation with Victoria Castle and Dodge Rea.

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