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The Next Reel Film Podcast • Series: 10 Year Anniversaries, Ann Hui • A Simple Life

A Simple Life

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"It’s my turn to look after her.”

Ann Hui has had a long career and was close to retiring in 2011 when she made A Simple Life. Luckily, she enjoyed making that film so much and enjoyed its success that she decided to keep directing. The film is a quiet one about a maid who has served the same family for over 60 years, now looking after Roger, the son who has become a film producer. After a stroke, however, she decides to retire. And Roger has to now figure out how to take care of her. Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we continue our 10 Year Anniversary series with a crossover episode that is also the first entry in our Ann Hui series with her 2011 film A Simple Life.

A Simple Life is a simple film, but emotionally rich.

With Andy Lau as Roger and his real-life godmother Deannie Ip playing Ah Tao, his family’s maid for generations, there is a built-in connection between these two actors. They feel —Hold on there! This is currently only available for members. It’ll be available to everyone else soon, but why not become a member so you can listen to it now? We’d love it if you became a member to support our show, but you’d love it because of everything you get. We have monthly member bonus episodes that only members can access. You also get monthly Flickchart re-ranking episodes, access to members-only Discord channels, and early releases for every episode. We have a special episode we release at the end of each series called Retake during which we break down our overall thoughts of the entire season. Plus, you get to vote on the movies we discuss in our members only episodes as well as the movie lists we discuss on the Saturday Matinée podcast! What can we say? It pays to be a member. Learn more about supporting The Next Reel film podcast through your own membership — visit TruStory FM. Join the conversation with movie lovers from around the world on The Next Reel’s Discord channel!

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