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Alien 3

"When they first heard about this thing, it was 'Crew Expendable'. The next time, they sent in marines. They were expendable too. What makes you think they're gonna care about a bunch of lifers who found God at the ass-end of space?"

The third time may not be a charm for the Alien anthology, movie lovers, but it turns out to be a better film than many people gave it credit for back in 1992. Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – this week as we talk about David Fincher’s first film, Alien 3 (also conveniently and belatedly finishing up our Benjamin Button-style Fincher Fest). In this episode, we talk about what we thought of the film back then versus what we think now. We chat about the immense script and production problems this film went through all along its journey to theatres, and also talk about what was cut out and eventually put back into the 2003 Assembly Cut. We talk about the troubles David Fincher had, yet contrast that with what he was still able to get up on screen. We hash through the special effects, discussing how great they were back then but how they certainly haven’t aged well. We touch on the fantastic cast and debate whether there was enough new story for the Ripley character to play out in this or if she’d already run her course. We talk about the budget and how, even with all of its immense overages, the film still managed to rake in a healthy chunk of dough. We touch on Elliot Goldenthal’s music, creating a haunting, eerie score that fits the film well. And are you curious as to what Meryl Streep’s connection is to this film, movie lovers? Listen in to find out!

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