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Flickchart Re-Ranking • August 2021

"Meow, baby!”

Pete and Andy are back for another Flickchart re-ranking cat fight! Meow, baby! Our members wanted more re-ranking, our members get more re-ranking. This month, we run into a single-letter title battle, have a huge jump for one of David Fincher’s films, and debate why Se7en is in the spot it’s in. Andy challenges Pete with trying to remember which series each movie was from. As it turns out, a lot of movies involved good ol’ wassisname. And Pete somehow confuses Bamboozled with Scoop. This is for members only so if you want to tune in, visit our website where you can learn how to become a member and find out all the exciting things that members get for as low as $1/month!

The Flickchart re-rankings that pop up include:

Bamboozled vs. Hot FuzzThe Magnificent Seven (2016) vs. BlindnessThe African Queen vs. The Day of the LocustZ vs. MThe Jerk vs. The African Queen • Kind Hearts and Coronets vs. Planet of the ApesThe Spanish Prisoner vs. The JerkMy Favorite Year vs. Year of the Dragon12 Monkeys vs. The ExorcistVolunteers vs. Die HardScarlet Street vs. SpiesCreepshow vs. The Good, the Bad, and the UglyHeat vs. Léon the ProfessionalLife Is Beautiful vs. OutlandQuarantine vs. Underworld: Blood WarsEast of Eden vs. Children of MenConquest of the Planet of the Apes vs. The Spy Who Came in From the ColdArsenic and Old Lace vs. Rocky IISe7en vs. AdaptationThe Game vs. Thelma & LouiseThe French Connection vs. The Book of EliCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon vs. Gone With The WindBlacKkKlansman vs. Now, VoyagerNational Lampoon’s Vacation vs. Children of MenThe Philadelphia Story vs. Kiss Kiss Bang BangThe Hospital vs. The ShiningThe Ladykillers vs. The Lavender Hill MobThe Blob vs. Die Hard With a VengeanceLive Free or Die Hard or La Cage Aux FollesFor a Few Dollars More vs. Independence DayJu Dou vs. Dead RingersRobin Hood (1991) vs. American PsychoLabor Day vs. The Poseidon AdventureRoom vs. NinotchkaKlute vs. The Bourne Ultimatum Follow us on our own Flickchart page!

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