The Next Reel • Season 11 • Series: Flickchart Re-Ranking • Member Bonus • May 2022

Flickchart Re-Ranking • May 2022

It’s time for our member bonus episode for May 2022’s Flickchart Re-Ranking. We RoShamBo. We reminisce on old series. And we shake the Flickchart tree.

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“You went into dog mode where only dogs can hear you.”

April movies bring May re-ranking

It’s time for our May 2022 Flickchart re-rankings! Some surprising jumps this month. Tune in to find out what shifts in our Flickchart ranking! It’s a member bonus, so consider becoming a member so you can hear this and our other member bonus episodes.

Here’s the list of our rankings in this month’s Flickchart Re-Ranking episode.

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Ro. Sham. Bo.

For our members, we go to the mat to meticulously prune our Flickchart rankings across The Next Reel. Relationships are forged... and broken.