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The Russia House • Member Bonus

"If you ever manage to be a hero, I’ll be a decent human being.”

Fred Schepisi doesn’t have a film career that’s clearly defined. The types of films he’s made spread across all sorts of genres. That doesn’t mean he’s not making quality films though. When he tackled Tom Stoppard’s adaptation of John Le Carré’s 1989 novel “The Russia House,” he did an apt job of putting the film together. Everything works well, even if there isn’t a clear ‘Schepisi Style’ that he’s using. But it’s a fun film to watch and enjoy all the same. Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we add this film to our John Le Carré series as a bonus episode for our wonderful members. We talk about our memories of the film when it came out and what we thought of it now. We look at the nature of Le Carré’s story and the interesting revelations that the governments weren’t interested in ending the arms race because of the corporate side of the machine keeping them all running with the weapons they produced. We discuss the late Sean Connery and Michelle Pfeiffer in their roles and why they work so well for us. We touch on the others in the wonderful cast and what they bring to the table, especially Roy Scheider, one of our favorites. We look at the cinematography and the amazing locations in the USSR – only the second American film to be made there. And we revel in Jerry Goldsmith’s lush score that’s perfect for the film and perfect really just about anytime. It’s a great Le Carré adaptation despite our issues with it and a fun one to add to the show, so check it out! If you’re interested in listening to this episode, become a member! Learn more and join the community! The Next Reel – when the movie ends, our conversation begins!

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