Christmas in Connecticut

"Mr. Yardley, Elizabeth's a very busy woman and having babies to boost your circulation takes time."

It’s the holiday season again which means it’s time for us — Pete and Andy — to talk about another holiday classic! Join us as we talk about Peter Godfrey’s screwball war comedy from 1945, “Christmas in Connecticut.” We talk about how much fun the movie is and how it feels a bit pro-feminist yet how it definitely shows its age at the same time. We talk about the great cast, particularly the wonderful Barbara Stanwyck, Sydney Greenstreet, S.Z. “Cuddles” Sakall, Dennis Morgan, Reginald Gardiner and Una O’Connor, and how well they fit in their roles. We discuss Godfrey and his place in Hollywood, as well as his hobby as an amateur magician. And we chat about how this film fits in our holiday lists — is this one we’d put on every year or not? It’s a fun, albeit dated, movie and we have a great time chatting about this movie. Give it a watch then tune in!

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