The Descent

"Hey, there's something down here."

These aren’t words you want to hear when you’re stuck on a spelunking trip, particularly when you find out that the “something” that’s down here wants to eat you. That’s what happens to the cast of six ladies on an adventure trip in Neil Marshall’s 2005 film, “The Descent.” It’s the final episode in our month of horror series, and what a way to end! Join us—Pete Wright and Andy Nelson—as we talk about one of the greatest horror films of the last decade on this week’s episode.”

We chat about why this movie works so well, both as a horror movie and as a metaphor for someone descending into madness. We discuss the great cast and how well they work within Marshall’s smartly written script. We talk about the crawlers, the monsters in the film, hypothesize their origins and discuss why they are so effective. We talk about the amazing look of the film (dark is the key word) and the haunting music. And we break down the two different endings and what the original/extended ending really adds to the film with its presence. It’s a fantastic film and DEFINITELY a movie we like. Listen in!

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