The Game

"What do you get for the man who has... everything?"

Greetings, movie lovers!  This week, we continue our Fincher Fest with a discussion about “The Game,” a dark and twisting tale that Pete finds he doesn’t really like anymore while Andy still connects with.  Join us as we chat about why this film doesn’t seem to work for Pete anymore and how Blake Snyder’s book “Save the Cat!” may give us the answer, particularly as it relates to the current 99% movement and possibly also to some extent previous roles Michael Douglas has portrayed.  We dig into why some people bought into this elaborate hoax that the story sets up and others didn’t.  We discuss how this movie came to be and who was originally slated to star in it, and we really get off on some of the great language in the script.  It’s a gloomy ride that satisfies some and leaves other pining for later and greater Fincher efforts, but we still have a great time talking about it so join in!

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