PLAY-DOH and Save The Children Honor Teachers, Support Kids With Cans of Kindness

September 16th is World PLAY-DOH Day and we can’t think of a better time than a global pandemic to celebrate a product that brings joy to kids and is truly timeless.

PLAY-DOH and their partner Save The Children have launched a back to school effort called Cans of Kindness that involves a corporate donation of 1 million cans of PLAY-DOH to Save the Children to help kids, parents, and teachers around the globe. The campaign is also rewarding a lucky teacher with a year’s supply of PLAY-DOH based on nominations from social media.

In this episode of Cause Talk Radio Megan talks to Jennifer Kendra, Head of Cause Marketing & Partnership Development at Save the Children, and Aditi Raturi,  Senior Global Brand Manager for PLAY-DOH about their partnership and how it had to adapt once COVID hit.

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  • (00:00) – Welcome to Cause Talk Radio
  • (00:25) – Play Doh and Save with Save the Children
  • (01:36) – Partnerships and Safe Spaces
  • (02:54) – Cans of Kindness
  • (05:22) – How do you use 1 million cans of Play Doh?
  • (07:46) – The COVID Pivot
  • (11:09) – World Play Doh Day
  • (12:31) – Back-to-School
  • (17:20) – Lessons Learned