We’re starting off our Luc Besson series with a film that fascinates us, even if it sometimes devolves into a cartoonish atmosphere. This week, we chat about Besson’s 1990 film Nikita, or La Femme Nikita if you’re so inclined. Join us — Pete Wright and Andy Nelson — as we start off this series with this Pygmalion-like tale of a young woman trained to be a government assassin. 

We discuss what works and what doesn’t in the performances, particularly focusing on Anne Parillaud’s performance of the title character. We chat about Besson and what he brings to the table, for better or for worse. We talk about the nature of this French government assassin program and why it creates an interesting idea, though that is pretty ridiculous when you think about it too long. And we talk about the amazing visual style that Besson uses to tell this story, even if the script and the direction aren’t always on par with it. He’s a wild director and we have a wild romp in this, the first of our Luc Besson series. Listen in!

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