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WTS 710

The Hunt for the Sexist Souvenir

Tommy knows how important it is not to speak for women or those identifying as women. What better place to challenge that understanding than this dumb anxiety podcast? That’s why this week he’s going to take on high heel culture, and the double-standards shoes imply, all while likely offending everyone involved of any gender identification at all, wearing everything from slippers to Uggs. 

Pete, on the other hand, shows up ready to recite all the shows in which he’s talked about memory, in an effort to build a case that his own memory is suffering, but forgets everything anyway, so who cares?

Oh, and while you’re forgetting stuff, Tommy wants you to go read this: From bad to worse: Avoidance coping with stress increases conspiracy beliefs

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Season 7 of the Sometimes-Funny Anxiety Podcast with Tommy Metz III and Pete Wright.



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