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Once Upon a Framework Inflammation

We don’t love making this a gendered conversation but sometimes we just can’t help it. It turns out that women might just be able to smell fear. We don’t love it, that we might keep doing stupid stuff because we can’t smell the danger in it, and so we’ve decided that we all need to hang around more women in our lives. Sorry ladies. We promise we’ll be quiet. We just need your nasal insights. Gross. Sorry.

Dem Bones

This whole show is really about bones. We didn’t plan it that way… just happened. We start with Pete’s hips. Oh, did you hear that? That little voice in your head? Listen carefully… it just said, “This podcast was inspired by Pete’s hips…”

You’ll never hear THAT again.

In any case, Pete dug into research that connects stress and anxiety to joint pain. It turns out, when your body is under constant emotional stress, it’s also under chemical stress. And THAT’s bad for your bones. Learn more from in Association of Stress-Related Disorders With Subsequent Autoimmune Disease. You can learn more from the kind specialists at University of Maryland Spine Center as they blog eloquently in: Why Does Stress and Anxiety Cause Joint Pain?

We pivot from joint stress on the bones to what happens when Tommy tries to eat them. The bones, that is. He’s a real meat-hound, but as it turns out, sucking the meat off of bones gives him real trouble, and he’s not alone. The word is cartilogenophobia and rest assured, he’s going to really bite into this one.

Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy is a small town that sits in the middle of South Australia, about an hour north of Adelaide. It’s hot there — it can hit the 120s in the summer — and with climate change, it’s only getting hotter. And still, 1,800 people consisting of over 50 nationalities call this slice of the Outback home. And of all the homes in Coober Pedy, more than 60% of them are underground.

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