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Once Upon an Unprecedented Collective

We’ve never had guests on the show. It always seemed risky… like they might call us out on how dumb we look or… sound… or… are. So we held off. But in some backchannel somewhere, we got to talk about the persistent anxiety that comes with putting on this podcast — and all the other podcasts we do, along with the assorted general creative work our so-called friends put out into the world. How crazy could we possibly be? Have we LOOKED outside? What are we thinking!!

So, we pitched our friends Mandy Kaplan, and Mandy Fabian. They are, together, The Mandys, and they share their own podcast: MandCave. They have been performers all their lives and somehow were never talked out of it by their own inner lizard voices. Mandy Kaplan co-wrote and starred in the movie 30 Nights, (yes, the same 30 Nights that our own Tommy directed), and Mandy Fabian is just wrapping up her own feature, Jess Plus None, and is in pre-production of her next film. Both women are incredibly talented comedians, writers, musicians, and all-around performers and they bring us lessons of overcoming performance anxiety they’ve learned in their work that we believe you can apply specifically to your work… if you are a bank teller. This episode will likely not resonate with those working in any other field.

After you listen to this episode, we hope you’ll support these two by immediately subscribing to their hilarious podcast, watching their movies, washing their cars, you know… whatever needs doing. Thanks all!

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