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Once Upon a Heartache Hovel

We have glimpsed the future of saucy-sauce and it is drinky-drink. This episode marks the beginning of our exploration of alternative packaging and compositions of alcohol and while we are only able to offer a tease this week, we will absolutely return to this.

This is another one of those personal episodes for Pete, having just sent his oldest off to college. It’s a process millions and millions of families go through every year, and yet the grief that accompanies the experience, and the fear and anxiety that comes with realizing all your efforts to teach are done, well that’s worth talking about a little bit. So, we do that today. Oh, and we also take on eel fishing a little bit.

We take a tour down the cholera-stress streets of London in the mid-1850s, which is a super-fun classic What’s That Smell? Guided Meditation!

Finally, Tom explores the micro-universe with a listener submission asking us about lice anxiety. If you’ve had kids, you’ve probably been faced with a lice scare. Pete doesn’t handle it well and may shave and wax his entire body on this episode. He does have a book recommendation, though: I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life by Ed Yong. If you’re interested in pushing on your assumptions of what makes you you, check out this book.

This week’s tune is I Think I Like It by Basic featuring Black GryphOn. It’s already in the playlist in Apple Music and Spotify.

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