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Once Upon a Delicate Dissolution

We’re not coming down on either side of the meat debate, but we do have a study that confirms if you’re not eating it, you might want to get on board with the high-protein train. We bring you: Meat and mental health: A meta-analysis of meat consumption, depression, and anxiety.

Tommy brings the soft stuff this week with a discussion of what it means to be vulnerable as a man, and we relive that sweet sweet experience of the first time our dads cried in front of us. … Hi, dads!

Pete brings tales of sorrow and break-up… in our favorite bands. Wait, hear us out: turns out fandom can bring out the same chemical goodies that tie us to our significant others, family, and dear friends. How we handle those break-ups mirrors how we move through the grief of losing the target of our cultural appreciation, too.


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