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Embarrassment. We’ve all been there. Basking in that warm inner glow that rosies our cheeks, moistens our pits, and sullies our relationships. But why, embarrassment? Why, over the long arc of evolutionary history, do you still darken our emotional doorsteps? Do you think you’re saving us from yon beasties by bringing the public shame? We think not.

Pete and Tommy truck in some meticulously well-charted waters this week, and in so doing, Pete gets flummoxed and Tommy finds Biblical levels of embarrassment. Great thanks to our feeling friends for writing in! Don’t forget to get your stories in for future episodes, too!

Welcome to All The Feelings: A sometimes-funny podcast about being human.

Every week hosts Tommy Metz III and Pete Wright each drag one of their big feels into the light to share it, learn about it, and hopefully laugh about it with all of you.

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