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Joy is way more than just being happy – it’s an ongoing state of deep delight in the stuff you care about most. Researchers say joy comes from living your values, connecting with others, and being your best self. We say those researchers aren’t thinking creatively enough about how to use joy as a weapon. Are we learning the wrong lessons this season? Oh well.

That party gets even better with close relationships. A famous 80-year study shows your bonds with others have more impact on health and happiness than money or fame. Close friends keep you satisfied even when you’re decrepit and falling apart in old age. Loneliness kills you faster than smoking or boozing too much. So grab your besties and get all kinds of joyful!

Welcome to All The Feelings: A sometimes-funny podcast about being human.

Every week hosts Tommy Metz III and Pete Wright each drag one of their big feels into the light to share it, learn about it, and hopefully laugh about it with all of you.