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Welcome to another episode of the global sensation All The Feelings, where we dive into the wacky world of emotions, and today, we’re talking about pride. Not the fabulous, rainbow-colored kind (though we love that too), but the emotion of pride.

Pride isn’t just a one-size-fits-all emotion. No, it’s got layers, like an onion or a particularly tricky lasagna. You’ve got your authentic pride, the good twin. That’s all about feeling accomplished, confident, and victorious. You know, like when you finally assemble that IKEA bookcase, and it doesn’t collapse within five minutes under its own weight.

But then, there’s the other one—the Draco to your Harry, the Scar to your Mufasa, the hubristic pride. Suddenly, you’re not just a cook, you’re Gordon Ramsay. You’re not just fit, you’re a Schwarzenegger. You’re not just smart, you’re Einstein. You get the picture.

We’re digging deep on pride, and along the way, we’ve got a little Dickinson, a little Shelley, and a dose of Internet history so old it’s yesterday.

Welcome to All The Feelings: A sometimes-funny podcast about being human.

Every week hosts Tommy Metz III and Pete Wright each drag one of their big feels into the light to share it, learn about it, and hopefully laugh about it with all of you.

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