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You don’t need an application… you’re in the club already, right? It’s CLUB STRESS! And this week, your club counselors, Tommy and Pete, will share in disturbing detail just how much your annual club dues are costing you.

We delve into how stress is like that overbearing ship captain in a patented ATF guided meditation. Spoiler: The ship doesn’t make it. See, chronic stress can make your brain do some really funky stuff. From shrinking parts of it to making other parts hyperactive, it’s like a weird, science-y episode of “Honey I Shrunk the Brain.”

But don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging in this stress-induced chaos. We’ll also discuss how you can fight back with exercise, the secret weapon against stress. And yes, we’ll be putting your knowledge to the test with a fun, interactive quiz. (Hint: “Sitting on the couch” is not exercise.)

Plus, we’ve got the latest research on how exercise can trigger your body’s “feel-good” hormones, improve your mood, and help you sleep better. So buckle up for a journey through the body under stress, where you’ll laugh, learn, and maybe even do a push-up or two. Because, in the end, the best way to handle stress is to face it with a smile (and a good pair of running shoes).

Welcome to All The Feelings: A sometimes-funny podcast about being human.

Every week hosts Tommy Metz III and Pete Wright each drag one of their big feels into the light to share it, learn about it, and hopefully laugh about it with all of you.

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