How Microsoft And National 4-H Council Empower And Connect Today’s Youth

A recent Harris Poll commissioned by National 4-H Council and Microsoft found that 21% of teens don’t have internet access at home but instead rely on schools, libraries, and other public places to get access. Teens without reliable access to broadband said they felt less confident in their skills and in their long-term social and economic prospects. Over half said they’ve struggled to complete their homework because of slow internet connections—and this was all BEORE COVID–19 struck!

In this episode of Cause Talk Radio Megan talks to Artis Stevens, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for the National 4-H Council and Kate Behncken, Vice President, Lead of Microsoft Philanthropies about their incredible partnership that is helping young people around the country get plugged in and well-connected.

They discuss the issues of connectivity in rural America as well as the incredible programs this partnership has put into place to help not only bridge the gap but also empower youth to leverage technology to support their own communities during this time of Covid.

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