Salesforce.org Is Embracing An Open Source Model For Social Impact

Salesforce.org’s Devi Thomas drops by to talk nonprofit trends and predictions for 2021

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Unsurprisingly, 66% percent of U.S. nonprofit organizations said they’ve accelerated their move to digital programs or events since the pandemic struck, according to the latest Nonprofit Trends Report from Salesforce.org.

In this episode of Cause Talk Radio, Alli and Megan talk to Devi Thomas, Global Head, Communications, Research and Insight at Salesforce.org about trends she’s seeing in the nonprofit space and her predictions for 2021.

They discuss “Purposeful Pivots”, helping employees go virtual, amplifying community voices…just to name a few topics of conversation. Devi shares her predictions for 2021, why she feels that the open source model has a place in social impact, why unrestricted corporate contributions are the future and how measurement is taking center stage.

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