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CHC Rolls Out New Workplace Giving Strategy for Millennials

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to Thomas Bognanno, President and CEO of Community Health Charities (CHC) about its High Impact Causes to raise money and awareness for groups of health charities supporting similar issues.

Through High Impact Causes, employees can support the work of multiple charities with just one donation. Research from the Millennial Impact Report shows millennials tend to be more loyal to causes and issues than to individual organizations and institutions. This product can help revamp workplace giving campaigns.

On January 20th, CHC launched its first High Impact Cause – EveryKidDeserves, merging leading children’s health charities improving the health, wellness and quality of life of children in the U.S.

On the show, Tom, Megan and Joe discuss:

  • The history of Community Health Charities. CHC represents 2,000 health charities nationwide with the goal of soliciting support for these organizations in the workplace.
  • How the Millennial focus on causes rather than institutions has forced workplace giving programs to adapt and change.
  • How EveryKidDeserves allows donors to give to a group charities that are making a difference in the area of children’s health (e.g. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for cancer care and care; the Alliance for Healthier Generation to teach kids healthier habits, etc.)
  • How High Impact Causes includes more reporting, communication and engagement features that employees want and expect. It’s also less campaign focused and more year-round.
  • How CHC innovates as an organization so they can stay current AND effective.
  • Other funds CHC plans to launch, including one to fight the top five chronic diseases that are impacting companies.

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