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Organic Valley Boosts Sales with Spoof on Cause Marketing

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to Clovis Siemon, video marketing manager, at Organic Valley about their Save the Bros campaign, a spoof on the traditional charity PSA. The initial Save the Bros video attracted over 2.4 million views on YouTube and generated a “significant increase” in product sales following the launch.

After the initial video’s success, Organic Valley followed up by announcing the Brononymous Hotline, a way to anonymously send a coupon for Organic Fuel and one of seven video messages to a “bro” you know on Twitter to encourage them to “protein responsibly.”

Megan, Clovis, and Joe discuss:

  • What is Organic Valley? Short answer: it’s a billion dollar company!
  • The different approach Organic Valley took to promote its new protein shake with 26 grams of organic protein.
  • How Save the Bros didn’t happen overnight. Organic Valley worked with two different agencies and went through 29 rounds of creative that took months and months!
  • To enter into a new category, Organic Valley focused on “shock and awe” appeals. They considered some crazy ideas.
  • How the campaign was disruptive but still on-point and on-trend for the brand.
  • How Organic Valley distributed Save the Bros. They started with Upworthy, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. Facebook was the best performer.
  • The follow up to Save the Bros was The Brononymous Hotline. They launched it on Twitter.
  • The irony of the Save the Bros is that bodybuilders aren’t the target audience.
  • What were the marketing takeaways for Organic Valley following the success of Save the Bros.

Show Notes

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