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What’s Happening In The Giving Space? PayPal Has Answers

Giving online no longer happens just on a charity’s website. It happens on Facebook, at checkout, on GoFundMe and a host of other places. One of those “places” is on PayPal. PayPal is using the power of its technology and network to grow generosity around the world.

In today’s episode, EFG’s Alli Murphy is joined by Oktay Dogramaci, VP of Giving at PayPal. The duo dive into what PayPal does in the Giving space, who their customers are, what their data says and how giving is built on top of the core PayPal model (instead of being a standalone program).

They also highlight PayPal’s new app which includes all the things you’re used to plus an exciting way to give.

Tune into today’s episode to learn all about:

  • One thing that makes consumers 5 – 6 times more likely to give
  • What trends are on the horizon in the giving space
  • The seasonality of standard giving seasons and how that went out the window in 2020
  • How nonprofits can sign up to receive funds through PayPal
  • What the data says about consumers who are given a choice of charity at checkout
  • The importance of meeting consumers where they hang out
  • The fact that when consumers give at checkout, they’re more likely to give in other ways throughout the year
  • Their work around disasters
  • PayPal’s revamped app which has centralized their giving features

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