The Next Reel Saturday Matinée

2021-04-17 • Saturday Matinée

April 19, 2021

Disney’s Launchpad gearing up for six films from underrepresented voices. Pete’s watching Invincible. The Mandys take on Thunder Force and give us a preview after that underwhelming trailer a few months back. Plus, Misquoted and a list of movies based on controversial books!

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2021-04-10 • Saturday Matinée

April 12, 2021

Comcast considering making streaming Universal films only available on Peacock. Netflix nabs streaming rights to Sony films. Plus a submarine movie vacation bracket and a list of movies that also happen to be complete sentences, with a dash of weird love for Down Periscope.

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2021-04-03 • Saturday Matinée

April 5, 2021

William Shatner makes Jor-El type recording to preserve legacy. So Many Reboots! Thanksgiving ComiCon. Best Pandemic Opening Yet: Kongzilla!

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2021-03-27 • Saturday Matinée

March 29, 2021

Oscar nominations are out for 2020. Evan Peters to play Dahmer in new series. Black Widow/Cruella/Luca get updated streaming and release dates. Plus three new trailers and a list of great movie monologues!

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2021-03-20 • Saturday Matinée

March 22, 2021

The Mandy’s take on the Kyle! The staple Mandy Kaplan is joined by her best friend and sparring partner Mandy Fabian to talk movies, play games and make a great list of stock market movies you can binge this weekend! Hear the Mandy’s on their show, Mandemic Mondays, every Monday on TruStory.FM and wherever you find your podcasts.

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2021-03-13 • Saturday Matinée

March 15, 2021

Disney+ Reaches Major Milestone. How many subscribers??? We know your aunt doesn’t have 300 nephews: Netflix finally cracking down on password sharing? LA Theaters open next week, following NYC last week. WB looking to expand Harry Potter Franchise. Steven Spielberg Set to Direct FilmLoosely Based on His Childhood. Plus a game of Movie Merch Madness and a list of films celebrating great Scars!

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2021-03-06 • Saturday Matinée

March 8, 2021

Remember the Alamo… Drafthouse. Galaxy Quest 2 update? At this rate, we’re never going to see F9. Dr. Brain coming to Apple TV+. The WandaVision time hole.

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2021-02-27 • Saturday Matinée

February 27, 2021

What’s this? … Scott Bakula coming back as Cap Archer? Are we thrilled for Paramount+ yet? Emma Watson is retiring? Didn’t that happen already? Plus, a trio of trailers and a list of harrowing border crossing movies!

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2021-02-20 • Saturday Matinée

February 22, 2021

The Indulgent Cut is coming. Should ‘Black Widow’ get the HBOMax treatment? Faces/Offs. Cube Japan! Scorcese is back, this time on streaming. Plus a rousing game of The Diabolical and a list of movies with living spaces with killer views!

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2021-02-13 • Saturday Matinée

February 15, 2021

A brief binge update. Good-bye, Blue Sky. Florence is the Machine (and let me say for the record, I can’t believe no one actually made that joke on the show). Marvel’s ‘Blade’ update. Fred and Ethel are home in ‘Ricardos’. Plus three terrific trailers and a list of movies introducing small friends that is far more successful than any of us ever intended.

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