The Saturday Matinée

2022-09-24 • Saturday Matinée

September 24, 2022

Andy Nelson steps in as pinch hitter leading Ocean Murff and Krissy Lenz in this week’s Saturday Matinée.

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2022-09-17 • Saturday Matinée

September 17, 2022

Mandy Kaplan and Kyle Olson join Pete Wright for TV, Movies, a list of great movies with terrible names, and THE DIABOLICAL.

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2022-09-10 • Saturday Matinée

September 10, 2022

Ocean Murff leads Kyle Olson and Tommy Metz on a ride through matinée morning moviedom with new trailers, a game of villains, and a list of movies to dine by!

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2022-09-03 • Saturday Matinée

September 3, 2022

A fine Saturday to you all! This week on the show Pete Wright leads Kyle Olson and Ray DeLancey on a journey of grown ups liking kid things.

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2022-08-27 • Saturday Matinée

August 27, 2022

Mandy Kaplan leads Krissy Lenz and Tommy Metz in a tour of Wrexham and a glorious celebration of CatDaddies, plus a list of movies in schools!

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2022-08-20 • Saturday Matinée

August 20, 2022

Pete Wright, Mandy Kaplan, and Tommy Metz are back with big screen and small screen takes, a blockbuster round of the movie game, terrorizing trailers, and a list of much-panned movies that we love anyway!

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2022-08-13 • Saturday Matinée

August 13, 2022

Kyle Olson leads Rob Kubasko and Ray Delancey in the first episode of our new SatMat Season!

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2022-06-25 • Saturday Matinée

June 25, 2022

Tommy Metz leads an all-star cast of Krissy Lenz and Rob(by) Kubasko(z) in this SatMat Season Finale with trailers, games, and a list of movies you’re too young to watch.

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2022-06-11 • Saturday Matinée

June 11, 2022

Pete, Kyle, and Tommy are in the Saturday Matinée this week for vamps on planes, VHS nostalgia, and a watchlist of movies about fans and fanatics!

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2022-06-04 • Saturday Matinée

June 4, 2022

Star Wars Celebration Special! Rob and Kyle went to Anaheim last week and are back to report on their experience during their four days celebrating all things Star Wars.

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