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2022-11-19 • Saturday Matinée

Mandy Kaplan leads her march across the alps with Tommy Metz and Krissy Lenz on board. This week: trailers, a Game of Logs, and a list of films designed to give you hope.

First up, Tommy’s finally watching Reboot on Hulu and likes it. Krissy is watching The Rock because you just can’t get enough of the Rock as a tourist attraction. Mandy’s in on White Lotus Season 2 on HBO, but is kind of distracted by The Vow, on HBO as well, also with a season 2.

Did you hear? Jason Blum and James Wan are talking about tying the knot as studios, making a powerful indie horror house.


Scenes that give you hope.

Mandy’s List

  1. The Wiz
  2. Singin in the Rain
  3. Hairspray

Tommy’s List

  1. Field of Dreams
  2. Babe
  3. Mr. Holland’s Opus

Krissy’s List

  1. Moana
  2. Big Hero Six
  3. Labyrinth
  • (00:00) – Welcome to Saturday Matinée • 2022-11-19
  • (01:03) – Reboot
  • (02:36) – The Rock
  • (03:45) – White Lotus Season 2, Inside Amy Schumer
  • (05:09) – The Vow
  • (06:29) – BlumWanHouse
  • (07:49) – Let’s Do Trailers
  • (08:06) – People We Hate At The Wedding
  • (12:06) – The Son
  • (15:00) – Guardians Holiday Special
  • (19:05) – Games!
  • (30:11) – The List! Scenes from Movies that Give You Hope
  • (43:26) – Coming Attractions

A fine Saturday Morning to you.

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