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2017-12-09 • Saturday Matinée

Tommy makes his first appearance on the SatMat! Pete’s in Seattle with SO MANY PODCASTERS at the first ever PodCon! Plus … Andy and Steve! We’ve got FOUR great trailers to talk about — or maybe THREE great trailers plus Cameron’s new one. And a list of great foreign films that have been made into completely lame American remakes! Thanks for your support everybody. 


Foreign films that have been remade to American Films!

Pete’s List

  1. TaxiTaxi
  2. Godzilla (1998)Godzilla
  3. City of AngelsWings of Desire

Tommy’s List

  1. With HonorsWith Honors. Seriously.
  2. The VanishingThe Vanishing
  3. OldBoyOldBoy

Steve’s List

  1. Let Me InLet the Right One In
  2. Ghost in the ShellGhost in the Shell
  3. Point of No ReturnLa Femme Nikita

Andy’s List

  1. Last Man StandingYojimbo
  2. SolarisSolaris
  3. Death at a FuneralDeath at a Funeral

Next Week’s List:

Best sinister thugs.

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