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2021-08-07 • Saturday Matinée

We’re back from our long July slumber with a new game, news, trailers, and a list of movies celebrating teachers who are just… the… worst.

Steve has a report on ‘No Way Home’ — have you heard the rumors he’s been unable to substantiate? Apparently, according to Kevin Feige, there’s trailer news about the new Spider-Man entry that might point to a shift in how these big budget tent poles are marketed.

The Scarlett Johansson-Disney-Black Widow lawsuit is gaining traction. We advocate for restraint. Yes, this is absolutely a situation of big companies behaving badly. Yes, there is absolutely a corporate privilege and exploitation angle as all parties position for future litigation. But these sorts of disputes are — let’s remember — why the legal system exists. It will be hard to watch, but it will be resolved with new contracts and new ways to adapt. We weigh in just a bit this week.

For a fantastic tie-in to our list this week, did you hear the news? Mr. Hand is getting more movies! A LOT more movies! The South Park team is gearing up for a deal to bring more seasons of the show and a number of feature length projects that you just have to hear to believe. If you liked that one South Park movie, prepare to be overjoyed.

As for trailers, looking for your next stop-motion-from-found-objects fetish? Look no further than Steve’s entry this week. Ridley Scott is in Andy’s House, and Pete is all-in with Kate. And, as a bonus, we drop in the trailer for Val now streaming on Amazon Prime as pre-work for our show on Real Genius in a few weeks — a tough but heart-warming trip down memory lane with Val Kilmer and his son, Jack.

In an unprecedented move even we didn’t see coming, this week’s game is a trip down production company music history in which Steve and Andy attempt to pair company, composer, and decade to logo scores. Oh, what’s unprecedented about that? It’s a listener submission! This comes courtesy of listener Adam Underwood who did a massive amount of work preparing clips and trivia that surely Pete is unable to properly perform to expectation. Thanks, and apologies if we broke your game, Adam. It was great fun!

This Week’s Trailers!


The movie this week was Fast Times at Ridgemont High and while the community had a whole slew of options, they seemed to key in on our favorite teacher, Mr. Hand, as portrayed by the late, great, Ray Walston. Is he really a bad teacher? Is he really a guy who deserves to serve as anchor to such a list? Sure, maybe at some point he was gracious, generous, and understanding in his instruction on the Platt Amendment. But after our time with him in Fast Times, we just aren’t sure that he likes people anymore. And so we say Aloha, Mr. Hand. Thanks for the inspiration as we explore teachers who are JUST THE WORST.

Steve’s List

  1. Real Genius
  2. Whiplash
  3. Luce

Andy’s List

  1. Hamlet 2
  2. Picnic at Hanging Rock
  3. Pink Floyd’s The Wall

Pete’s List

  1. The Substitute
  2. Notes on a Scandal
  3. The Faculty
  • 00:00 – Saturday Matinée • 2021-08-07
  • 04:39 – Steve’s Trailer Rewind Report
  • 06:34 – Steve’s Unsubstantiated No Way Home Trailer News
  • 08:39 – Three White Men Weigh in on ScarJoNey
  • 19:53 – South Park Movie Train
  • 22:37 – Let’s Do Trailers!
  • 44:23 – Game!
  • 01:03:06 – The List! Teachers who are just the worst

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