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2021-08-14 • Saturday Matinée

Tommy loves White Lotus. It’s all he can talk about. Of course, if you’re a Mike White fan, you might share his fascination with it. I might have to crank a little Chuck & Buck just cause I’m thinking about it.

Andy isn’t watching enough. But he is digging Marvel’s What If? and does his part to lobby for more Agent Carter.

Mandy is cracking through Schmigadoon, which apparently some people don’t love. Did we mention Cecily Strong has killer pipes? AND she’s funny? I mean, we already knew the last bit, but now we want her to come round the house, tell some classic jokes, and then sing us off to sleep.

Let’s Do Trailers!

For trailers, Mandy’s up for a fairy tale re-telling, Tommy brings what appears to be a rip of La Femme Nikita, and Andy spit in the wind and it landed on another new Nicholas Cage film, this one reported to be the craziest thing he’s ever done… reported by him.

The Game!

Mandy serves up a does of connective trivia that’ll have you shouting at your phone in public. 1999 with Carol Channing in the Library? That’s right, it’ll be just like a rousing game of CLUE but you won’t end up hating your nephew at the end of it.

The List: Hanging at the Mall

On The Next Reel we’re working through Valley Girl this week and have asked the crew for a set of films that represent some of their favorites showcasing hanging at the mall. Dawn of the Dead is off limits, but it turns there are other, less zombie-ful films in malls.](#)

Mandy’s List

  1. Clueless
  2. Mean Girls
  3. The Prom

Tommy’s List

  1. Back to the Future
  2. Eighth Grade
  3. Jackie Brown

Andy’s List

  1. Bad Santa
  2. Never Been Kissed
  3. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  • 00:00 – Saturday Matinée • 2021-08-14
  • 01:05 – Tommy Loves the Lotus
  • 04:58 – Andy Loves What If?
  • 09:26 – Let’s Do Trailers!
  • 26:02 – Games!
  • 35:14 – Lists

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