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The Saturday Matinée episode for September 18th, 2021, featuring Tommy Metz III, Kyle Olson, and Steve Sarmento

2021-09-18 • Saturday Matinée

Tommy Metz leads the crew of Steve Sarmento and Rob Kubasko this week in his very first hosting gig. In a follow up to last week, the team is pretty excited about the news of leading to one massive question: will anyone want to still live in the building?

Apple’s September announcements bring word of a new “Cinematic Mode” in the upcoming iPhones 13 & 13 Pro, leading to more questions of how the device might be used in future film-making. It’s cool and all, and you should probably watch the demo video, but there are performance limitations that make it tricky for major motion picture use in that particular mode. Katheryn Bigelow and cinematographer Greig Fraser were hired to do some on-set work with the phones (check out the behind the scenes here) and demonstrated some interesting work. So, if you’re looking for a pocket tool that can get the job done, this might be the one for you. Also, your home movies will be pretty sweet.

Rob reports that Arnie and Danny are coming back with Ivan Reitman to do a, now with Tracy Morgan.

Let’s Do Trailers

On the trailer front, Tommy brings a chamber piece, Rob has the next Marvel/Disney+ joint, and Steve follows Leo into the bathroom for an end-of-the-world panic attack. Remember that time Hawkeye disappointed the Avengers?

Games! What Line Is That Anyway?

The rules are simple. Tommy created quotes from movies on AFI’s Top 100 Films list by taking one line each from two movies, and jamming them together. For example, “Are you looking at me looking at you, kid?”

To earn points, you must be able to name the two movies the quotes are from, and the characters or actors that delivered them. So, Taxi Driver, Casablanca, Travis Bickle (De Niro), and Rick Blaine (Bogart). See that? I would have crushed this game.

The complexity comes in rounds two and three when the lines start coming from three movies or, dare we do it, six!

As a bonus, Steve has promised to develop a recipe for the Dirty Maguire in honor of this game.


This week, The Next Reel is talking about Goodnight Mommy and the community voted that we talk about “dead animals or pets”. So, thanks everybody.

Tommy’s List

  1. John Wick
  2. Midsommar
  3. Old Boy

Rob’s List

  1. Dances with Wolves
  2. The Lost World: Jurassic Park
  3. Eight Below

Steve’s List

  1. John Wick
  2. Gates of Heaven
  3. Lean on Pete
  • 00:00 – Saturday Matinée • 2021-09-18
  • 01:23 – Only Murders in the Season 2
  • 03:18 – Ted Daddy Issues Lasso
  • 04:44 – Cinematic Mode
  • 08:37 – Triplets as a weird intro to Norm MacDonald
  • 10:21 – Trailers!
  • 27:04 – Games! What Line is This Anyway?
  • 46:50 – Housekeeping!
  • 48:52 – The List! Dead Animals or Pets
  • 01:03:26 – Coming Attractions

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