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Welcome to the Janky Nail Shack

In this week’s “Scalpel of Truth,” Leisa Krauss takes aim at a significant issue in medical aesthetics: the state of practitioners’ nails. With her no-nonsense style and sass, Krauss explains why well-manicured nails are more than just a superficial concern.

Chipped, broken, or polish-worn nails, Krauss argues, erode patient trust and send a message of carelessness. In the medical field, hands are tools, and the state of a practitioner’s nails has implications for hygiene and patient safety. Jagged edges can scratch patients, and chipped polish can harbor bacteria.

Krauss doesn’t mince words: “If you’re going to pursue a career in the beauty industry, you are signing up to be judged on your appearance, my friend, whether you like it or not. Harsh. Absolutely. But true.”

Her solution? Keep a nail mending kit on hand, complete with polish for touch-ups and remover for emergencies. Bare nails are always better than busted ones.

Krauss argues that consistency and the overall patient experience are key. High-end clients expect high-end service, and every aspect of a practitioner’s appearance should reflect that. “Talent recognizes talent. High-end recognizes high-end,” she says. “So for the love of Botox, please have a nail mending kit in your med spa and be cognizant of what your nails look like.”

In the world of medical aesthetics, the devil is in the details. And when it comes to nails, it’s time to polish up and get it together.

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