"Game over, man!  Game over!"

There are few sequels that can stand up to the originals as well as Aliens can to its predecessor, and it’s clear that we—Pete Wright and Andy Nelson—really like this film. Join us this week as we talk about why we truly like this film and what it means to us. We chat about the relationship this 1986 James Cameron film has with Ridley Scott’s original Alien, how Cameron got the job to do it and what his vision for the film was. We also talk about the differences between the original cut and the director’s cut that came out under a decade later. We chat about the amazing cast, the incredible crew, and the ALIENS—damn, they’re impressive in this film. We talk about the lengths Cameron, Stan Winston and the rest of the team went to so that they could create what appears to be hundreds of aliens, and none of them moving like they’re just a man in a costume. We talk about the nature and possible controversy of the Alien Queen, and how the addition of the character messes up the intentions of the additional footage in the Alien director’s cut (if it does at all). We also talk about why this film works so well and how it fits as a partnership pairing with the first film. It’s a great movie and we love talking about it this week!” Listen in!

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