Alien: Resurrection

“There’s a monster in your chest. These guys hijacked your ship and they sold your cryo-tube to this… human. And he put an alien inside of you. It’s a really nasty one. And in a few hours it’s gonna burst through your ribcage, and you’re gonna die. Any questions?” “Who are you?” “I’m the monster’s mother.”

It’s the end of our conversation about the Alien anthology, ladies and gentlemen, and this week, we discuss Alien: Resurrection, a tough film to watch and an unfortunate end to the anthology (that took a further unfortunate turn by leading the franchise into the Alien Vs. Predator films). And while it’s a hard to film to categorize as a movie we like, we still have a great conversation about what worked, what didn’t, and a great many other things tangentially (or not) related to the franchise. Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – on this week’s episode as we chat about the great actors, the director, the writer, and others on the crew who we love but who somehow ended up tied into this mess. We chat about our overall thoughts of the anthology, how we think it ties into Prometheus and the nature of making films that take place in the same universe but don’t tie together necessarily (Marvel, anyone?). Finally, we touch on some fun bits of trivia from the franchise. It’s a fun conversation about a movie that doesn’t really work but that had a lot going for it. Listen in!

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