Tired of the same old nonsense in the aesthetics industry? Craving unfiltered insights to take your practice to the next level? Look no further than The Scalpel of Truth Podcast, hosted by Leisa Krauss, The Bitch’n Beautician.

Exit Stage Left: Losing Staff with Chris Krueger

This week on the show, Leisa tackles the delicate subject of employee turnover in medical spas. And, as a VERY special occasion, she’s joined by guest, voice of this show, and host of the fake alternate universe podcast, “The Spatula of Honesty,” her partner Chris Krueger. Chris brings extensive experience as a manager and director, working to develop high-performing staffs—which sometimes means letting people go.

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Leisa Krauss

Leisa Krauss has been in the medical aesthetic industry for over 25 years – bringing honesty, expertise, humour, and a plethora of industry skills to both her patients and her clients. She’s worked alongside and assisted top Laser Surgeons, Aesthetic Physicians, and leading Dermatologists. She’s held positions in almost every area of the industry including Laser Technician & Physician Assistant, Clinical Educator, Laser Program Development, Sales, Management, and most recently Clinic Mergers & Acquisitions. 

During her career she’s treated thousands of patients, worked with hundreds of clinics, and managed numerous aesthetic teams. Leisa started Vanity Empire Consulting Inc. in 2013 and is passionate and obsessed with supporting her clients in building highly successful and profitable cosmetic practices. 

You may recognize her from her educational and no-BS posts on instagram or from the new hit podcast, The Scalpel of Truth!

Her clients call her Lees (Lease) but she’s better known as “The Bitch’n Beautician.”

Welcome to the Janky Nail Shack

In this week’s Rant-a-roonie, Leisa Krauss takes aim at a significant issue in medical aesthetics: the state of practitioners’ nails. With her no-nonsense style and sass, Krauss explains why well-manicured nails are more than just a superficial concern.

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The Dreaded Summer Slump

This week, your Bitch’n Beautician shares ballsy strategies for slaying the dreaded summer slowdown in med spas. Grab your SPF and get ready to learn how to keep your appointment books packed and your profits up, no matter how hot the season gets.

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Idle to Ideal: Slice Into Downtime in Your Med Spa

This week on the show, Leisa Krauss, your Bitch’n Beautician, dissects the all-too-common issue of wasted downtime in medical spas. With a no-bullshit approach honed over 30 years in the biz, Krauss serves up a smorgasbord of tactics to transform those dead hours into money-making power hours.

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