It Happened One Night

"Do you love her?" "Yes, but don't hold that against me – I'm a little screwy myself!"

In 1934, a little film studio released what they thought would be a minor but fun little film called “It Happened One Night.” That film went on to earn 5 Oscar nominations — Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress and Screenplay — and win all 5. It also was an audience favorite and turned that little studio — Columbia Pictures — into one of the major players. Join us — Pete Wright and Andy Nelson — as we talk about Frank Capra’s wonderful film “It Happened One Night.” We talk about how this film, which is generally considered to be the first screwball comedy, was huge in the careers of its two stars, Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert, even if they didn’t think it was a picture worth being in when they were making it. We discuss the supporting players and how Capra often filled his films with great ones — and how some in this film became the basis for various Looney Tune characters. We chat about the great work of Frank Capra but how he really was a director making films for a specific time. And we look at several specific scenes and talk about why they work so well, given the genre, the actors, and the script. It’s a wonderful, fun and breezy film. Tune in!

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Andy’s Trailer: “Muppets Most Wanted because I love the Muppets, even if I rarely love their movies. But here’s hopin’ this’ll be the one!”

Pete’s Trailer: “Devil’s Pass  had me curious at disaster-avalanche-movie. But throw in that special touch of The Descent  and I’m hooked.”